Image of people studying electronics
Electrical & Electronics

Introduction to Semi Conductors               
Opto-Electronic Devices                              
Essential Electrics      
Basic Programmable Logic Controls    
Intermediate Programmable Logic Controls  
Advanced Programmable Logic Controls    
Public Address Installation & Maintenance    
City & Guilds 2382 Wiring Regulations – Full course
City & Guilds 2382-200 Wiring Regulations – Update course
Part P electrical safety – Dwellings. Level B Installer
Electronic Gate Locking Systems    
Additional Skills – Electrical Maintenance   
Industrial Electronic Servicing – Module 1   
Industrial Electronic Servicing – Module 2   
Industrial Electronic Servicing – Module 3   
Industrial Electronic Servicing – Module 4   
Logical Fault Diagnosis     
Modicon Information Panels     
Testing Electronic Components    
Using an Oscilloscope replica watches    
Inspection & Testing Prescribed Tests C & G 2391 
Introduction to Surface Mounted Technology  
Electrical Awareness      
Portable Appliance Testing for Operators C & G 2377 - 200   
Portable Appliance Testing for Managers C & G 2377 - 100    
Basic Electronics      
Introduction to Reliability Centred Maintenance  
CCTV Installation & Maintenance   
Microwave Electronics     
An Introduction to Fibre Optics    
Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems    
Maintenance of Emergency Lighting    
Inspection & Testing – Minor Works    
Essential Electronics for Electricians   
Statistical Process Control    
Essential Hydraulics     
Essential Pneumatics     
Fitting Pneumatics / Hydraulics    
Local Area Networks      
Working with PLC Systems in a secure Environment
Basic Electronics BR      
Basic Electrics BR      
3 Phase Motors & Motor Control    
Reading Electrical Diagrams     
Instrument Maintenance     
Laser Safety       
Baggage Handling Systems     
Surveying Instruments     
Local Area Networking Cable Installations   
CAT 5 Testing & Termination

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