Image of gas ring
ACS Listings

Domestic Gas:
CCN1 – Core Domestic Natural Gas safety
CEN1 – Central Heating
CKR1 – Cooking Appliances
HTR1 - Fires & Wall Heaters
WAT1 – Water heating Appliances
DAH1 – Ducted Air Heaters
MET1 – Meters
CPA1 – Combustion Performance Assessment

Liquid Petroleum Gas:
CONGLP1 + PD – Changeover Core Domestic to LP Gas + Permanent Dwellings Rolex replica
RPH – Residential Park Homes
LAV – Leisure Activity Vehicles
HTRLP2 – Closed Flue Gas Fires
CONGLP1 + PD, RPH, LAV & HTRLP2 Package.

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